Cohesive Gel Breast Implants

Cohesive gel breast implants, are the latest rage in breast augmentation surgery. For about a decade, these implants have been used outside of the United States with excellent results.

These implants have the feel and consistency similar to that of a gummy bear when you cut into one. The advantages of these breast implants is that they don’t leak like the older/traditional silicone implants if ruptured. Also, the cohesive gel breast implants hold their shape more predictably than the others. The ingredients used in cohesive implants are same as that of a standard gel. The only difference is by using more cross-linking there is more molecular bonding to form a more stable shape. The gel is thick enough to not run or slosh around inside the implant. For being durable, cohesive gel breast implants look promising. In case of a rupture, the silicone generally does not leak out of the capsule.

The cohesive gel breast implant can’t be inserted through incisions in the armpit, underneath the breasts or through the areola. Insertion through the peri-areolar area may be more difficult if the areola is small, or if the implant is large. The preferred method is to insert the breast implant through the crease under the breast.

Implants that are anatomical or teardrop-shaped must be placed in exactly the right position without any room for error. The reason the implant is called “anatomical” is that the implant projects more at the bottom than at the top. When moving around, they may cause a very unnatural profile. To prevent this, a pocket that precisely fits the implant must be developed. The approach here is different than what most surgeons use where they make an overly large pocket to allow the implant to move around.